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Vanessa Kalianne

Wopeen: civil diplomacy and cooperation for sustainable development / International Network for SDG Promoters in Brazil
Executive Director / National Coordinator

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"Wopeen" is under the leadership of women with experience in international business and representation in corporate missions in Europe and Asia.
Wopeen is supported by 3 pillars of action:

1. Information and Education;
2. Human Rights and Social Entrepreneurship (which also involves social responbility);
3. Cooperation and global governance.

In this sense, from the perspective of the UN SDGs, we work in projects based on sustainable development seeking to contribute to the mitigation of global challenges.

That's why we participate in global dialogue platforms (associated with the United Nations and the G20) and, currently, our executive director is the national coordinator of the "International Network of SDG Promoters" in Brazil.

For knowledge purposes, the "International Network" is present in 38 countries and brings together actors from all sectors of society (public, private, academia, civil society, artists, actives, researchers, citizens) to communicate about the SDGs and think about actions to create more inclusive, resilient, peaceful and sustainable communities.


ODS RN (Wopeen's main project) has been featured in international reports. In addition, actions such as "adviser" have motivated the creation of other initiatives led by women.

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